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Our Education Ambassador Programme Partners

The Fujitsu Ambassador Programme could not exist without the support and commitment of our technologies partners

Intel is perhaps best known for its processors, but we’re more than just a chip manufacturer. Since 1968 we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation in computing to make technology smarter, more connected, and part of amazing experiences for people around the globe. But we believe that what’s more amazing than our technology is what the world does with it. Part of our mission is to connect people to their potential, empowering them to innovate in their communities and beyond. To this end, we run initiatives around the world to improve access to technology, encourage entrepreneurship, improve economic opportunities and transform education.

We’re proud to be part of the Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme. With a decade of experience working with more than 12 million teachers, we know what technology can bring to the classroom to enrich learning. 2015 was a phenomenal success for the programme, and we look forward to continuing that in 2016 with Fujitsu. These 20 new hubs and their ambassadors are at the vanguard of innovative teaching and learning, and play a vital role in preparing their students for the future by bridging the gap between education and industry.

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Between digital lesson plans, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, VoIP, interactive whiteboards, and video surveillance systems, networking is now integral to daily life in educational establishments. The quality of education now depends on delivering ample network support for both digital learning and administrative requirements.

Ruckus® networking solutions help educational institutions efficiently deliver applications and information across campuses to ensure better outcomes for students and the

While the need for networks of educational establishments continues to evolve, the need for student development and technical preparedness also increases.

To accommodate and proactively impact this digital transformation, it is imperative to equip students and future leaders with progressing technical knowledge and skilled proficiencies. Ruckus is dedicated to cultivating innovation and harvesting creative potential within students as a conduit to the changing network requirements and the new IOT era.

Through partnering with Fujitsu, Intel and Kyocera, Ruckus looks forward to creating a platform for students to continue their journey through technology while creating ambassadors for the digital future.hi

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KYOCERA Document Solutions is one of the world’s leading office document solutions companies, providing innovative products, built on a foundation of long-life components, allowing it to offer low total cost of ownership and high efficiency in any education environment.

Globally, KYOCERA has a firm emphasis on education and runs numerous programmes in various countries that support the education and wellbeing of young people. We believe passionately in the power of technology to inspire, excite and empower young people to reach their full potential and have run a number of projects on this theme in the past, including instigating and co-creating a new apprenticeship scheme for the UK office imaging industry.

Through our range of uniquely resource-efficient printers and multifunctional devices, our best of breed software solutions and our professional services, KYOCERA helps education establishments to capture, share, store and retrieve the ideas and information that drive their success, sustainably.

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