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Catch up on all the latest thinking and hot topics on technology in education. Remember to come back here regularly so you don’t miss a thing.

The ‘always-on’ campus: are you ready?

Only 40% of establishments in the UK say their Wi-Fi is good enough to support their students’ digital learning aspirations. Read our blog post to find out how you can build an always-on campus, and make secure Wi-Fi available everywhere.

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Looking to the future, or getting left behind? Exploring edtech in universities

When it comes to choosing a university, students have lots of options. How do you show them you’ve got the limitless, always-on experience they expect? Discover the education technology you can use to build an always-on campus in this blog post, to make secure Wi-Fi available everywhere.

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Teaming up with OCR to deliver a digital education

With an estimated shortfall of STEM workers in the UK that numbers as high as 40,000 each year, the skills gap is a problem that won’t solve itself.

At Fujitsu, we’re committed to tackling this issue – and today we’ve taken another step forward.

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Education through IoT – our Operation Innovation competition

In the past few decades education has evolved almost beyond recognition. And it continues to do so at an incredible pace.

But with such tremendous change comes a proportionate degree of turbulence. While technology is playing an important in education, the danger is we end up forgetting the fundamental pillars that underpin this profession.

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Taking education digital – where does the responsibility lie?

Education is going digital, and the announcement of the Government’s investment in T-Level qualifications in last month’s budget is a reflection of that new focus.

However, a report by the National Audit Office in December predicted a possible £3bn cut in school budgets, meaning schools must reduce spending by as much as 8% per pupil by 2020.

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Will UK businesses miss out on tomorrow’s top talent?

As I have mentioned before in my blog on the use of tagging technology at Disney World, my children are of an age where they will be joining the workforce in a few years’ time. It is a worrying time.

But my worries go further than ‘are my children ready for the workplace?’ In fact, the worry is ‘is the workplace ready for the millennial workforce?’

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Reducing the digital skills gap

Digital services are becoming more and more integral to our daily lives. Whether that’s shopping online, or collaborating with colleagues on the other side of the globe, digital gives us new opportunities to work in a faster, smarter way. Understandably, it’s no surprise that more and more organisations are embracing digital than ever before.

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Introducing Fujitsu’s Ambassador Programme

Last month Fujitsu, in collaboration with Intel, launched its Education Ambassador Programme. The initiative aims to enhance teaching and unleash students’ potential by putting technology at the heart of education. Aligned with the objectives of the Education Technology Action Group (ETAG), the programme aims to promote the use of digital technology across schools, further education, higher education and Special Education Needs (SEN) sectors.

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Fujitsu partners with Thames Valley School to help young people with autism

We’re proud to announce that as many as 500 young people with autism will be supported through an educational partnership with Fujitsu

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Hundreds of students set to benefit from best in tech

Not a bad way to start the new year…we’ve just announced Fujitsu is aiming to sign up to 20 more education institutions to our Education Ambassador Programme in partnership with Intel.

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BETT 2016 – Encouraging more girls into STEM

Encouraging more girls to pursue studies – and careers – in STEM subjects is something we’re passionate about at Fujitsu.

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